At Events By Edward Vanderbilt, we believe in making annual soirees something your guests look forward to all year long. Whether commemorating achievements, celebrating goals, fundraising for your cause or celebrating your staff, our corporate event design ensures your event to be as impressive as it is impactful. Working closely beside the top corporate and non profit event planning professionals, our design team integrates custom furniture, fabric treatments, lighting schemes and floral to bring your celebration to life.

With an ever-expanding collection of furniture for cocktail hours, receptions, dinner and meetings, you and your guests can comfortably focus on the task at handĖbe it a meeting, ceremony or celebratory meal. Our events for corporate and non profit groups work according to the same principles that make our weddings and charity events so gorgeous and well-executed.

The top corporate event planning companies in the Atlanta area look to Events By Edward Vanderbilt to artfully pull in thematic elements as well as creating dance floors, stages, and floor plans that direct the flow of the agenda and highlight important elements.

From massive trade shows to intimate corporate luncheons, our team brings the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to make sure it goes off without a hitch. With a seasoned knowledge of the big picture, we make sure our designs accommodate the logistic and special elements so important to any successful event, while also making sure that the environment of your celebration is as elegant and inviting as it is efficient.

Event Design for Corporate Companies in Atlanta, GA

Every event has a story to tell, and our 3D Art and Graphics team helps you drop your name and spread your message through corporate branding and logos on furniture, lighting and decor elements. Custom signage, entrance focals, and props bring cohesion to your event, as well as directing the flow of people and providing necessary information. Fresh floral arrangements and fabric treatments soften the atmosphere and remind you to relax. Whether your event is all business, or a break from it, you and your guests should enjoy comfort and elegance. When it comes to corporate event planning, Atlanta professionals trust Events By Edward Vanderbilt for our original ideas, our comprehensive capabilities, our expansive inventory and our expert execution.

Whether itís a holiday party or a business milestone, Events By Edward Vanderbilt can strike the perfect tone for any Atlanta corporate event, whether itís black-tie or business casual. If your organization is trying to celebrate a good year, elevate your corporate profile, honor your hardworking employees or appreciate your clients, we have what your business needs for your next corporate function.
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